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Welcome to Schooldays community, the largest online forum which caters for the needs of Nigerian students in a thousand ways.

Schooldays is the unifying factor which students of Nigerian tertiary institutions have always desired. Schooldays is sufficient for the academic and social requirements of students and alumni of tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

Academic Materials
Schooldays provides you with academic materials. You will never lack course materials again. You can also get materials for your term papers, seminars book reviews and even assignment.
Online Classroom
Yes, that's correct, just give Schooldays your school, department, and graduation year, Schooldays will place you in a classroom where you'll unit/reunit with your course mates and do whatever is fun to you.
Meet New Friends
You can make new friends on Schooldays and possibiliy connect with other students in other tetiary Institutions in Nigeria, they are waiting to meet you.
Schooldays lounge is where you discuss with other students, ask questions and answer questions at will. You can talk to the whole community or just to your school or your department, it's as cool as that.